Poreporena Napa-Napa Local Development Plan

Papua New Guinea

Client | National Capital District Commission



Port Moresby is a city on one of the greatest natural harbours in the world, yet 90% of its foreshore is not urbanised. Growing at 4% per annum, the city’s current population will exceed one million in the late 2020s, and two million by 2050. This Local Development Plan covers virtually all the undeveloped foreshore lands of Port Moresby Harbour and Fairfax Harbour together with the valley and hills to the north. There is no doubt that in the coming years this highly strategic land will be developed. The question is: what form will this development take? Will it be ad hoc and fragmented or will it be properly integrated with the existing city and surrounding natural environment?

 The NCDC commissioned the team to bring a new approach to physical planning in PNG. The LDP is being designed through a consultative approach. Business leaders, government agencies, land owners and the communities are involved from the concept stage. The Plan creates a clear structure for the orderly growth of the city. The layout protects environmental values, including the fish breeding areas and water courses and forested areas. It establishes four new town centres (two on waterfront locations) and a major industrial area. The design is conceived as a series of ‘major projects’ each has a commercial development basis and each is a part of the larger plan.