Professional Community

Paul Walter is a well-recognised figure within the Urban Design community, he is the chairman for the Australian Institute of Architects Built Environment Committee (NSW) and is part of a group advising the NSW Minister for Planning on policy reform. Having been involved in these institutions for many years, he has a thorough grasp of the industry in its most contemporary form, making all of his design decisions and work steeped in knowledge and a commitment to the Urban Design community.

Atlas Urban is committed to ethical development with an emphasis on community engagement, especially with indigenous groups. Paul Walter is a founding member of Pasifika Planners New Zealand, a technical interest group, aligned with the New Zealand Planning Institute, which focuses on the role and perspectives of Maori and Pacific peoples in the context of resource management, physical planning and development.

Paul is also a founding member of the Association of Physical Planners of Papua New Guinea (APPOPNG), an independent body which provides a forum to address issues regarding professional and ethical physical planning in PNG, as well as various community and national issues, to improve the professional image of physical planners in PNG and set benchmarks for service that will assist in nation building. APPOPNG provides a framework which will allow development of rural and urban areas in a country with many diverse cultures and traditions and allows various stakeholders with disparate interests to reconcile their plans with government policies and the community at large.

All of Atlas’s urban designers and architects are members of the Australian Institute of Architects or international equivalents. We believe that active participation industry associations and forums is vital to promoting quality, responsible and sustainable designs to help shape the future of Australia and the Pacific Region. 


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